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Great Dane
Mar 03 2021


GDV or gastric dilatation and volvulus are 3 letters that make veterinary blood run cold. It is a condition that requires immediate emergency surgery and is only successful about 50% of the time. The reason that GDV is so fatal is that owners fail to recognize the signs and do not bring their dog into the veterinarian right away. If a dog truly has a GDV, then every hour is critical to saving his life. GDV is a condition that effects large and giant breed dogs. GDV usually happens when the...

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Feb 09 2021

Dental Care

Does Fido or Frisky have horrible breath? Take a look at those pearlies and see if they are really pearly or covered with a thick brownish tartar. Dental disease in pets is commonplace as they age. Smaller dogs and cats tend to develop tartar more quickly but large dogs can also have dental issues. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean can help save their life or prevent other health complications. Abscesses into sinus cavities, around the eye and weight loss from the pain of an infected tooth are just a few...

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Dec 02 2020


Diarrhea is awful! It's disgusting and smelly and usually all over your house when you come home from work. Likely, it presents itself when you are tired and ready for dinner. What an unplesant homecoming. Your pet can't help it, he's sick, but it's pretty hard to stomach at the end of the day. Puppies and kittens seem especially prone to diarrhea. Coccidia is a protozoan parasite that is most commonly seen in kittens but can also be present in puppies. Adult animals can also contract coccidia but it is rarer....

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Aug 26 2020

What is Medicine?

The “practice of medicine” has been a phrase that has been used over and over when referring to the medical field, human and animal. I saw a comedy routine the other night and one of the punch lines was, “practice of medicine? I thought that’s what med school was for? You shouldn’t need any more practice!” It sounds funny but really medicine is practice. The doctors and nurses, of course, know about the drugs, anatomy, physiology, diseases, treatments, etc., but more times than I would like to admit, we don’t always...

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Jul 30 2020

Heat Stroke

It’s that time of year again where opening your front door can be more like opening an oven door. Us humans are melting in the high nineties and triple digits and we don’t even have thick hair on our bodies, (most of us). Imagine how your cat or dog must feel. Keep your pets safe from the heat this summer with these tips. Only exercise your dog in the early morning or evening hours when the thermometer has dipped a little. Restrict the exercise to a shaded area and keep sessions...

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Jul 22 2020

Ear Mites in Cats

Ear mites, GROSS! Ear mites are ubiquitous in the outdoor cat community. Up to 80% of cats and kittens that are brought into animal shelters are infested with ear mites. These nasty little bugs bite and suck blood from the inside and outside of the ears of our feline friends and live in the fur of their head and neck.   This photo is a classic example of a cat with ear mites. The dark discharge is actually a buildup of ear mite excrement and serum and blood from the bites....

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