Diagnostic Imaging Services

When a pet is sick or injured, finding the underlying cause is absolutely necessary. Our advanced diagnostic imaging technology includes digital X-ray, dental X-ray, and ultrasound.

Veterinary Radiography (X-Rays)


Digital X-rays at Independence allow our veterinarians to take images of the bones and internal organs. There are many reasons why we might recommend an X-ray: suspected injuries from a trauma, evaluation of a broken bone, or looking for a foreign object that a patient swallowed. Digital X-ray is very precise and allows for magnification and adjustment of the film to zero in on the area of disease or injury.

Veterinary Ultrasound


Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to bounce off and create a picture of internal organs.  The computer then creates a moving image that can be recorded or taken as a snap shot. Early detection of tumors, bladder stones, pancreatitis and even adrenal enlargement can be detected with ultrasound.


Most of the time, this non-invasive look at the patient’s internal organs can be done without sedation and is pain-free. Ultrasound produces no radiation, so it can be safely used to evaluate pregnancies.