Internal Medicine

Though the physical examination, radiology, ultrasound, bloodwork and urinalysis, the doctors at Independence can diagnose and treat your pet’s medical problems. Our modern, hospital provides for a clean, comfortable stay if your pet needs to be hospitalized. Our compassionate staff and doctors provide unparalleled care, while our automated fluid pumps provide medications and fluids round the clock to your pet. While prevention and wellness care is our main focus with patients, pets do get sick. Our veterinarians and staff have the skill and experience in diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline diseases needed to help your pet heal.


Our veterinarians and staff are dedicated to the highest standard of medical care, provided with a personal touch. Patient wellbeing is our top priority. For patients requiring specialized care, we have access to board-certified specialists in small animal internal medicine through our referral program as well as the convenience of specialists that will come to Independence to examine your pet. We will not stop until we find an answer.