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Equine Care

Full service care for your equine.

Equine sports medicine is a specialty which is focused on optimizing your horse’s performance, without sacrificing health or well-being. The team of Independence Equine Services is proud to offer both time-proven methods along with cutting edge techniques in lameness diagnostics, mobile imaging and regenerative therapies. Whether you are dealing with a lameness, needing a thorough pre-purchase exam or trying to keep your horse comfortable through the show season, with the Independence Equine Services sports medicine team, your goals are our goals.

Browse the services we offer:

$city Equine Veterinarians

Deworming Regimen

Keep your horse parasite free

Equine Endoscopy & Gastroscopy

A minimally invasive imaging technique.

Lameness Evaluations

Helping accurately determine your horse’s problems as efficiently as possible.

Pre-Purchase Exams

Let us help find out if a horse is suited for it's intended purpose.


We're dedicated to providing meticulous attention to every aspect of breeding management.

Equine Coggins

We provide testing for horses that need to travel

Equine Vaccination Programs

We'll tailor your horse's vaccines to your needs.

Farm Calls

Serving large animals.

Equine Emergency Service

After hours emergency contact information

Call us at (940) 668-8282, or request an appointment online for your horse.